LIVE Q and A with Lauren Francesca


LIVE Q and A with Lauren Francesca

Lauren Francesca
345 PST 645PM EST

Jackson Everest and Jared Safier Final hours on the campaign!
Every dollar donated to the campaign will now turn into THREE DOLLARS! Jared Safier and Jackson are both matching EVERY dollar donated!
Buy a perk! Make a donation! Ask a question!
3X MATCHING is unheard of on Indiegogo…take advantage of it!!
See a perk that is sold out, we will add another one….have an idea for something different, ask us!
But PLEASE, if you are on the fence, donate today! Even $5 is huge because it turns into $15. $300 turns into $900. $1000 turns into $3000.
#finalcountdown to goal! Help us make horror history and go indemand! Special thanks to our EP Jackson for the matching funds! Let’s crush this goal!
Camp of Terror Feature Horror Slasher 80’s style
They say.. “You cross paths with at least 20 killers in your lifetime and don’t even know it”
Funding now on #Indiegogo follow here…
Follow on Facebook here
Join the Fan group for all updates through production and release here…

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