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Dave Ramsey is regarded as one of the best personal finance experts all over the world. The Total Money Makeover is a personal finance book that teaches us how to become rich by just taking a few simple smart decisions in life. According to the author, we should focus on living a debt-free life and also have enough emergency funds which will help us during bad times without compromising on the kind of lifestyle we are used to living.

In this video, I have shared 7 Steps To Financial Freedom which Dave Ramsey has Explained in his book.

Time Stamps:
00:09 Introduction (7 Baby Steps To Financial Freedom)
01:14 Emergency Starter Fund
02:47 Paying Off Your Debt & Increase ESF
04:10 Debt Snowball Effect
05:16 Calculating ESF
06:20 Invest 15% of Your Income To Mutual Funds (Retirement Planning)
07:32 Children Education Fund (Equity Investment)
09:20 Becoming Debt Free (Finish All Your Loans)
10:16 Grow Your Wealth & Enjoy Life

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