The Most Valuable Error Nickel Ever! 1942 Frith Nickel!

We’re talking about the rarest nickel ever, the Frith Nickel. Discovered in 1961 by Mr. Frith, an error coin expert, this is the only one ever found. This nickel was minted in 1942 in San Francisco. It bears the S mint mark. According to mint records the only S mint mark nickels in 1942 were comprised of the war time metals, copper, silver and manganese. All 1942 s nickels were minted with the larger S over the dome of Monticello.

So why does the Frith Nickel have a small S mint mark to the right of Monticello? Yep, mint mischief! This is the only one ever discovered but legend has it that there were several of these nickels minted and put into circulation.

Find out more about the Frtih Nickel and what to look for in order to find the 2nd one ever to be discovered!

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