I made Silver Corn Flakes? Visually STUNNING! A How-To Video.


I made Silver Corn Flakes? Visually STUNNING! A How-To Video.

Silver melting point is 1763 degrees Fahrenheit.
I use Mapp Gas in order to quickly reach the melting point needed with a blow torch.
I place an old grill grate between stones that can withstand extremely high temperatures.
Directly under the silver and about a foot from it, I place a cheap plastic bucket filled with cold water. *Warning, the silver can reach the bottom of the bucket before fully cooling off and melt away the bottom–by putting a small metal plate inside the bottom of the bucket, this will eliminate that issue*
The silver turns molten red and then begins to drip.
If you place nothing in the water to obstruct the drips (some people place ice and create silver shot), you will end up with these silver flakes/silver pockets.
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