RULE #1 The Simple Strategy For Successful Investing in only 15 Minutes a Week By PHIL TOWN Summary

Rule #1 The Simple Strategy For Successful Investing In Only 15 Minutes A Week By Phil Town Summary

In this video, I have shared a detailed book summary of the book RULE 1: THE SIMPLE STRATEGY FOR SUCCESSFUL INVESTING IN ONLY 15 MINUTES A WEEK Written by Phil Town.

People in India still believe in traditional investing methods like investing in FDs, Bonds & putting their hard-earned money in savings a/c. But due to inflation instead of making money, they are actually losing it every year.

This is the reason why everyone should invest in the stock market to grow their money – but the problem is lack of knowledge & time. But in this book author Phil Town has shared amazing strategies of stock investing in which you don’t need a lot of knowledge and at the same time this method requires only 15 minutes per week of time to maintain your portfolio.

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Video Chapters
00:00 Converting $1000 To 1 Million $
01:26 Financially Expertise (Not Required)
02:10 Rule of 72
03:15 50-30-20 Rule of Budgeting
05:20 How Much Money You Can Make in Stock Market
07:37 Diversify & Hold Strategy Doesn’t Work
09:36 Golden Rule of Investing in Stock Market
12:40 How to Choose Companies to Invest in Stock Market
16:00 Margin of Safety & Company’s CEO
18:00 Video Sum Up

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