Maldives 2 Rufiyaa Rare Banknotes – Banknote Story

Maldives 2 Rufiyaa Rare Banknotes – Banknote Story


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Maldives It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India , Malé is the capital and the most populated city, traditionally called the “King’s Island” where the ancient royal dynasties ruled for its central location
• In 1945, the Majlis of the Maldives passed bill number 2/66 on the “Maldivian Bank Note”. So friends what is exactly meant by Majlis of the Maldives ? Majlis of the banknote is also known as Parliament of the Maldives. According to that law, banknotes for 1⁄2, 1, 2, 5 and 10 rufiyaa were printed and put into circulation on 5th September 1948. The design of the banknotes have been very color, and very eye catching. They have the
feature images such sailing boats, beaches, and palm trees. And then, In the 80’s a new redesigned series of Maldives banknotes begin to circulate.
• Now we are going to see the details of Maldivian 2 rufiyaa banknote.
• This was issued by Government of Maldives.
• This banknote was issued in the year 1947-1980.
• Dimensions: 127 x 76 mm.
• This Banknote has pattern type Watermark.
• It is a paper Money.
• Printers of the Banknote are Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co LD, New Malden Surrey, England.
• Multicolored front and back printing, predominantly blue and brown.
• Obverse side of banknote We can see the frame decorated with patterns and background made up of repeating interwoven lines and two vignettes. To the left is a vignette of a lateen rigged mas dhoani with a palm tree. Dhoani which means a small sailing vessel used for fishing, while to the right is a vignette of a square rigged vessel known as a mas odi or ‘fishing odi’. The mas odi is an older style of fishing vessel.
• Texts in Maldivian.
• this Banknote has Prefix and numbering in black. And Value “2” in the corners.
• Two combinations of signatures in brown with the Head of the Finance Department or the Minister of Finance.
• Reverse side of the banknote we can see The Royal Jetty. This elaborately carved wooden construction was torn down as part of the harbour redevelopment. Texts in Maldivian. Value “2” in the corners.

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