Ep 206: Ram-Sita on 2,200 years-old Coins | Discovered by Zafar Ullah Khan

Ep 206: Ram Sita On 2,200 Years Old Coins | Discovered By Zafar Ullah Khan

Here is the earliest known representation of Lord Ram with Lakshman and Devi Sita. These are Punch-marked coins of India. These coins are attributed to Mauryan Period of about 200 BC.

Shri Zafar Ullah Khan (Rd. Excavation Superintendent, Rajasthan Archaeology & Museums Department, Jaipur) in this interview describes his discovery of all such Punch-marked coins, their types, and die varieties.

He concludes that these important coins were issued with the figures of Shri Ram, Lakhman and Devi Sita. He also draws parallel representation of such figures from Kali Bangan excavations, which is dated to about 2500 BC.

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