Make Fast Money Make Money FROM HOME Doing Freelance Jobs! – OneForma UHRS Tutorial

Learn how to Make Money from Home using OneForma, doing simple Microtasks!

I talk about how to make money from home using OneForma, a website where you can complete simple microtasks. The microtasks are easy to do and can be done in ten minutes or less. You can complete them while you’re watching TV, or even on the go!

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0:00 – What are MicroTasks?
0:53 – Register with OneForma
1:40 – Take a Welcome Certification
2:23 – Update Your Profile
4:47 – Browse Job Categories
8:26 – Apply to UHRS
8:54 – How to Get Paid
10:09 – Language Certification
12:04 – Example UHRS Tasks

These microtasks are small tasks that take less than 5 minutes to complete. These tasks are a small piece of a big project and are distributed across the internet. These microtasks are also called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). OneForma is one of the best platforms that offer genuine work. This means that you will get paid for every completed task. To learn more about OneForma, please watch this tutorial video.

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