Make Fast Money How to Make Money with Public App Review in 2022 (Investing for Beginners Guide)

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Investing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money, but it is also very tricky. There’s an entire industry behind it that is very difficult to understand for a beginner. This is where Public Investing app comes into the picture. Public helps people become better investors. They offer education and tools to make the process of investing easier. This video is a tutorial on how to make $100 Daily with Public. It covers the basics of Public; what it is, how it works and how you can capitalize on it. If you’re interested in making money investing, Public is the platform for you. Check it out and make money while you sleep.

0:00 – Why is Public GREAT?
2:55 – Create your Public Account
4:20 – Public Mobile App Overview
8:13 – How to Read Stock Page Info
12:19 – Reading Public Trades, Social
14:23 – How to Buy Stocks (Market Order in $)
16:38 – How to Sell Stocks (Market Order in $)
18:00 – What is a Market Order in Full Shares?
19:46 – What is a Limit Order?
21:05 – What is a Stop Order?
21:30 – Do the Different Order Types Matter?
22:37 – Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency
24:07 – What Is The Best Investing Strategy?
25:25 – Stock Strategy 1
27:06 – Stock Strategy 2
28:37 – Stock Strategy 3
public investing app review public app how to use

— From the Public Website:
With this growing list of assets, you’ll have access to more than just stocks. Whenever you get a dividend payment, we’ll reinvest it into the company that paid it out.

Automate your strategy by investing weekly, biweekly, or monthly in your assets so you’re never missing out on an opportunity to invest.

Navigate volatile markets, manage risk, and build wealth over time. Don’t miss out on investing opportunities.

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