i sold my shopify store…

I Sold My Shopify Store…

we did it boys…
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I finally sold my Shopify store SleepBand, we started with shopify dropshipping and built it to be one the largest shopify brands in the sleep industry & 2 years later… it’s changing hands.

Thanks for following along with the whole journey.

Many more exciting things to come. Love y’all 💜🫡

Resources From This Video:

Shopify Free Trial + Discount – https://www.shopify.com/commerce-coach/jordanwelch
My Free Discord – https://discord.gg/jordanwelch
Contact My Broker – digitalmarketgroup@websiteclosers.com
My Fulfillment Agent – https://ecommops.com/


0:00 – 1:12 – I Sold It..
1:12 – 3:37 – How I Started
3:37 – 7:54 – $0 to $2,000,000
7:55 – 10:48 – How I Sold It
10:49 – 13:19 – Surprising My Sister


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