ANIMATED SKETCH SHOW: Dance Up Episode 2: The most embarrassing Dad’s are the Deepest

Voices/written by Lauren Francesca and Mike Fallek

Animator Mike on twitter @biglilweasel
creator of HACKTHOUGHT podcast
Documentarian behind Hamsters: The History

A new animated comedy/webcomic inspired by my life growing up in a much more loving version of Dance Moms, this animated series features 4 High Schoolers on a dance team that know nothing else but ballet and hip hop and tap. It’s time for them to grow up and the only have one more year of High School to do it.

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This Video is family friendly and rated G it is good for all ages

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Lauren Francesca is an actress/comedian who has been acting and performing her whole life. In 2008 she was cast in the Youtube hit show “Barely Political/The Key of Awesome” where she played, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Tron Girl, Christina Aguilera, Poison Ivy, etc. She was also cast in many viral videos for College Humor, Funny or Die, Bo Burnham, Comedy Central, etc. She has over 2 Billion views online in sketches, pranks, song parodies, vlogs, etc

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