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The most ancient Church | St Mary’s Church | Chennai Fort |புனித மேரி தேவாலயம்|Tamil|Master Mano| Tamil
st marys churrch fort chennai
St. Mary’s Church located at Fort St George, is the oldest Anglican church East of Suez and also the oldest British building in India. The church is popularly known as the ‘Westminster Abbey of the East’
St. Mary’s Church was constructed in 1678-1680 AD by the British East India Company. This historically very significant church has an old prayer house inside it that solemnized the marriages of important figures of East India Company like Robert Clive and Elihu Yale (Co-founder of Yale University in USA). The old church is full of commemorative inscriptions and memorials that date back to early 17th century. Baptism started to take place since 1680 and beautiful statuette adorned the fine walls of this church. The most special feature of the church is the high tower that is visible from a long distance. This tower was not part of the original structure and was rather added at the end of the seventeenth century..

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