Old Coin Price Fact Coins and Notes The Moon | Facts About The Moon | 10 Most Interesting Facts about The Moon | Master Mano | MM | V218

The Moon | Facts About The Moon | 10 Most Interesting Facts about The Moon | Master Mano | MM | V218


The Moon | Facts About The Moon | 10 Most Interesting Facts About The Moon | Master Mano | Mm | V218

YouTube Channel Name: Master Mano | MM || Tamil
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The Moon | Facts About The Moon | 10 Most Interesting Facts about The Moon | Master Mano | MM | V218

In this video we are going to know the most interesting facts about the moon.
we’re going to share the most interesting facts about the Moon with you.

Did you know, for example, that there are huge temperature fluctuations on the Moon? Or that its gravity is only 1/6th that of the Earth’s. If your weight here is 100 pounds, you’ll only weigh 17 pounds standing on the Moon’s surface. You would also be able to walk a distance 6 times longer and carry a weight 6 times heavier there.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Moon
The Moon: 10 Surprising Lunar Facts | Space
10 facts you should know about moons

Proving to be both varied and fascinating, moons are far more common than planets in our Solar System. Our own moon has had a profound influence on Earth, not only through tidal effects, but even on the behavior of some marine animals. But how much do we really know about moons?

Our moon is the only moon that doesn’t have its own name.
It’s not just the moon that causes tides in the Earth’s oceans.
Pieces of the moon sometimes fall to earth.
Contrary to belief, there is no dark side of the moon.
It was the discovery of the moons of Jupiter that first demonstrated that not all motion in the universe goes around the Earth.
It’s not just planets that can have moons.
Most moons orbit in the same direction that their planet is spinning.
Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system.
Some moons are so cold; the ice on the surface behaves just like rock.
Moons such as Jupiter’s Europa are some of the more likely places where alien life could be found.

An Italian proverb says, “If the Sun shines on me, I care not for the Moon.” It’s a flippant remark, as the Earth’s satellite is some simple thing not worthy of consideration.

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