The INSANELY RARE A-Z 10p Coins – How Much Are They Worth?


The INSANELY RARE A-Z 10p Coins – How Much Are They Worth?

In 2018 the Royal Mint in the UK launched a new coin series, the A-Z alphabet 10p coins! 26, 10 pence coins, representing each letter of the alphabet with something quintessentially British.

Little did we know at the time that these coins would turn out to be among the rarest coins in UK Circulation. Then when the 2019 set was released and turned out to be even more rare! Including 3 coins which are currently the lowest mintage coins in UK circulation!

3 years on from the initial release, we are having a look through the entire set of coins from both years and finding out how much they are actually worth! Yes they are rare and they are valuable, but just how valuable? Are they a good investment? Are they worth looking for?

An essential part of any UK Coin collection, the Alphabet coins are only going to become even more rare and valuable in the future!!

A for Angel of the North 10p
B for James Bond 10p
C for Cricket 10p
D for Double Decker Bus 10p
E for English Breakfast 10p
F for Fish and Chips 10p
G for Greenwich Mean Time 10p
H for Houses of Parliament 10p
I for Ice Cream 10p
J for Jubilee 10p
K for King Arthur 10p
L for Loch Ness Monster 10p
M for Mackintosh 10p
N for NHS (National Health Service) 10p
O for Oak 10p
P for Post Box 10p
Q for Queuing 10p
R for Robin 10p
S for Stonehenge 10p
T for Tea 10p
U for Union Flag 10p
V for Villages 10p
W for World Wide Web 10p
X for X Marks the Spot 10p
Y for Yeoman Warder 10p
Z for Zebra Crossing 10p

Which are the rarest? Which is the most valuable? What are they all worth?

Watch the video for a full rundown of the Top 10, 10p coins worth collecting. And full price guide for all of the others!


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