Hi Collectors. We’re back searching rolls of Quarters again as.I just need 1 more Quarter (the 2009-D Guam Territorial Quarter) to complete my US State & Territory Quarters album (1999-2009). I’ve been pretty picky and only filled the album with high quality coins (almost uncirculated & uncirculated condition) however at this point any 2009-D Guam (hunted) will be fine.

ALways hoping to find another Silver Quarter in circulation, or a Proof Quarter, a foreign coin or better yet a Quarter minted in West Point. These were minted in 2019 & 2020 and have a “W” mint-mark. These are highly desirable as only 20 million were minted (across 2 years of 10 different designs.). Meaning each design only has 2 Million minted (as compared to the Billions minted each year from the other mints combined.

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