Tender Coconut Cutting Tool | Tender Coconut Trimming Equipment | Tamil | Master Mano | V290 #shorts


Tender Coconut Cutting Tool | Tender Coconut Trimming Equipment | Tamil | Master Mano | V290 #shorts

YouTube Channel Name: Master Mano | MM || Tamil
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Tender Coconut Cutting Tool | Tender Coconut Trimming Equipment | Tamil | Master Mano | V290

Daily Fresh Tender Coconut cutting machine
tender coconut cutting machine
எளிய முறையில் இளநீர் வெட்டும் இயந்திரம்
இளநீர், நுங்கு வெட்டும் இயந்திரம்
இளநீர் வெட்டும் கருவி
ஈஸியா இளநீர் வெட்ட…

Tender Coconut Cutting Machine to ease the process of cutting for those who sell Tender Coconuts on a commercial basis and also for their personal use.

This is a simple mechanical process to be applied for the following tasks:
1. Slicing: Trimming till the inner shell
2. Piercing (making a hole) to drink the water inside
3. Cut into two halves for Coconut inside.

How to use coconut cutting machine?

Manual Machine – In these you need to manually hold the Coconut near the knife any chip the top of coconut by pushing the knife downward. Then put the coconut on the boring machine to drill the hole on top of coconut.

Find a new solution for peeling off the husk of coconut by having highly innovative Coconut Cutting Machine available at India. This machine is designed and developed to enhance the production rate of coconut processing industry

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Coconut Cutting Machine | coconut cutter knife |
For Domestic Manual Tender Coconut Cutting Machine
For Commercial Manual Daily fresh CoCo Tender Coconut Cutting Machine

Tender Coconut Cutting Machine with Front Tray (Food Grade Stainless Steel Cutter)

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