Today we are having a look at the Premium Proof Coin Set from the United Kingdom. This is the 2013 coin set in a lovely wooden box.

It includes the definitive coinage,
2013 1 penny, 2013 2 pence, 2013 5 pence, 2013 10 pence, 2013 20 pence, 2013 50 pence, 2013 £1 coin and the 2013 technology £2 coin.

Also there are commemorative coins in this set. Two from the floral emblem £1 series. Christopher Ironside 50 pence. And three commemorative £2 coins! The 350th Anniversary of the Golden Guinea and both coins to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground. The Tube train coin and the London Underground Roundel. So we do see some of the coins that we find in £2 coin hunts and 50p coin hunts! Also the £5 coin to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Queens Coronation.

All coins have the Ian Rank Broadley portrait,(4th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II) on the obverse.

This is a great set for any coin collection. Another numismatic beauty from the Royal Mint.

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