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Muthu Aiyanar temple is in Thenambakkam, Pondicherry. Traveling from Pondicherry one can reach this temple via Villianoor or Yaembalam .
The temple complex has full of dolls and idols in various shapes and sizes which are worshipped before reaching the main sanctum to offer worship to Lord Aiyanar and the Shri Azhagar Siddhar in his Samadhi temple.
The general procedure to offer prayer to this Siddha is very simple. The wishes are to be written on a piece of white paper and after praying the Siddha Purush, the letter is tied on the sword held in his right hand. The wish list includes purchase of Car, higher education to children, selection in interviews and exams, beget children etc. Once their prayers are fulfilled, they have to visit the temple again to place in the temple precincts a small idol, resembling them to symbolically thanking him for the favor they got from him. A female installs a female doll and male a male, a doll and when wishes for the children are fulfilled the idol of a child is offered. Thus the temple complex is filled fully with idols and statues moulded out of cement and clay in several shapes and sizes.
They worship idols when their wishes are fulfilled | A temple where idols are worshiped when they are fuldilled.

Sri Azhagar Sithar Swami Temple, Thennampakkam, Master Mano – Tamil
Temple of worship with toys statues |
Temple with toy statues | Toy temple | சிலைக்கோயில், தென்னம்பாக்கம் , கடலூர், தமிழ்நாடு, இந்தியா.
Temple of worship with toy statues.
Devotees make statues at Azhagu Muthu Ayyanar Temple, Cuddalore #MasterMano Follow me:

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