RARE 50p of the Future!? The 2021 UK Annual Coin Set!

Rare 50p Of The Future!? The 2021 Uk Annual Coin Set!

Today’s video is a close look through the 2021 UK Annual Coin Set in Brilliant Uncirculated quality from the Royal Mint.

It includes the definitive coins from the year, the 2021 1 penny, 2021, 2 pence, 2021 5 pence, 2021 10 pence, 2021 50 pence, 2021 one pound coin and the 2021 Britannia £2 coin.

It also has a selection of commemorative coins from they year, a £5 coin to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II 95th BIrthday, the John Logie Baird 50p Coin, the 50years of decimilisation 50p coin, the HG Wells £2 Coin and the Sir Walter Scott £2 Coin.

The stand out coin for me, in this whole collection is the very rare Decimal Day 50p with the Arnold Machin portrait of the Queen. Though not a circulating coin (unfortunately), it will still be desirable and valuable in years to come. This coin is exclusive to the 2021 years coin set form the Royal Mint!

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