My First GOLD Coin!!! Lots of SILVER too! I Bought a HUGE Coin Collection – Part 8

My First Gold Coin!!! Lots Of Silver Too! I Bought A Huge Coin Collection – Part 8

It’s time for Part 8 of the huge old coin collection that I bought. Full of Rare and Valuable coins!

Today we have a look at my first gold coin ever! It’s a Queen Elizabeth II Gold coin, what is it’s value, what’s it worth? Find out by watching the video!

We also have LOTS of silver to look through, lots of shillings and six pence, from lots of different monarchs, from James the first to George the sixth and many inbetween.

We have even picked up a nice key date cupronickel six pence that was only minted for use in the West Indies! A gothic florin and some stunningly toned silver. Some of the junk silver will go in the stack, it’s always worth stacking junk silver. While the nice condition coins will go into the date runs. Some great history of UK coinage!

Come and have a look at the biggest and best coin lot I have ever bought. Now these are some of the coolest coins in my collection!

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