Members only LIVE Auction! Coins and Precious Metals


Coins and Precious Metals Commentary + Members only LIVE Auction

Want to be a channel member?

******************Please Read Auction Rules Before Bidding!**********************
*********************THIS IS A MEMBERS ONLY AUCTION*************************
******Cheapest membership is only $1.99 and helps to eliminate bad bidders*****
$4 USA shipping cost – no matter how much you win in the auction!
*Serious bidders only please. Fake bids could result in a ban on the channel and disqualify you from future giveaways and channel events.
**Payments are through Paypal Friends and Family only to:
***Be respectful-Do not judge someone based on how little or how much they want to pay for an item.
****Email me: after winning and paying with your full mailing address.
*****Bid in dollar increments only. It will be my call as to who the last (winning) bidder was. Good luck! Have fun! Be respectful!
******If you do not win something, please email me saying that you would like it if the person doesn’t pay (even non-members may do this).

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