Introducing the 2022 Gold Challenge! Let’s BUY GOLD Together!

Introducing The 2022 Gold Challenge! Let’s Buy Gold Together!

The challenge:
1) Buy a 1/10 (OR MORE) gold coin or bar each month in 2022.
2) Don’t buy all at one time in a month and then skip other months.
3) Buy on the dip! Define the dip in a way that it works for you…i.e. gold goes up $100 on Friday but then comes down to only $20 up on Friday…you bought at a dip rather than at the top of that day.
4) If you for some reason missed a dip in price, buy on the last day of the month.
5) Cut out bad habits to make this GOOD habit of preserving your wealth by owning physical gold.
6) Comment on the video with the price you paid, what you purchased (size, type, etc) and the spot price at the time of purchase.
7) You guys/gals rock.


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