Old Coin Price Sell Your Old Note How to Buy Precious Metals: Gold Silver Platinum Palladium. A Beginners Guide

How to Buy Precious Metals: Gold Silver Platinum Palladium. A Beginners Guide


How To Buy Precious Metals: Gold Silver Platinum Palladium. A Beginners Guide

So you want to buy gold or silver…
First thing’s first. DON’T DO ANYTHING! Until you watch this video in its entirety.

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00:00 Start
01:11 Coin Shops (LCS’s)
03:09 Yard Sales/ Garage Sales
04:03 Banks – Coin Roll Hunting
05:28 CoinStar Hunting
06:05 Coin Shows
08:01 Amazon
08:30 QVC/HSN
08:53 Magazine Ads
09:19 Facebook Groups
09:57 Instagram
10:21 TikTok
10:33 YouTube (Guido Stacking/ Empire Precious Metals/ Saca Plata/ Silver Dragons)
11:08 Reddit
11:35 OfferUp
12:29 eBay
12:47 FindBullionPrices.com
13:35 Apmex
14:03 JM Bullion/ Provident Metals
14:28 Bold Precious Metals
14:40 SD Bullion
14:55 Other Online Retailers
15:19 Paper ETFs (SLV/GLD) and Mining Stocks
16:14 Closing

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