How Much Is My Coin Collection Worth? My children will inherit it (Part 2)

How Much Is My Coin Collection Worth? My Children Will Inherit It (part 2)

Hi Collectors! This is part 2 of an amazing coin collection appraisal. The link to part 1 is here:

At my first coin show, as a dealer, a gentleman came up to my table and mentioned to me that he had inherited a coin collection from his father in-law several decades ago and it had been some time since he last had it appraised. In other words he wanted to know “How Much Is the Coin Collection I Inherited Worth?”

He was not interested in selling the collection as he planned on passing it down to his children & grandchildren. I offered to perform a free appraisal if he allowed me to record it for all of you. The collection was assembled in the 1970s into the 1980s

If you haven’t seen my prior video where I performed a collection appraisal check it out here:

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