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Crab soup in Chennai Marina beach | டேஸ்டி நண்டு சூப் | Master Mano || Tamil |
Crab soap in Chennai Marina beach | crab soup in chennai | tasty crab soup in marina beach |
crab soup benefits | தமிழ்நாடு மீன் வளர்ச்சிக் கழகம் |
நண்டு சூப் நன்மைகள் | Health Benefits of Eating Crabs |
Better Bones. Crab meat is high in phosphorous, which is an important mineral to the growth of bones and teeth.
Heart Health. Speaking of omega-3 fatty acids, they are great for balancing cholesterol levels and promoting anti-inflammatory activity in the body.
Increased Immunity..
Detoxing Your Body.
Increased Circulation.

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