Ep 160: Pavagadh Waterfall : Champaner World Heritage Part – 1

Ep 160: Pavagadh Waterfall : Champaner World Heritage Part – 1

Waterfalls in the rainy season are worth visiting. Here is a visit to such a marvellous waterfall on the Pavagadh mountain.

Pavagadh is a part of the Pavagadh-Champaner World Heritage Park. It is situated near Baroda in Gujarat.

This vlog series on Champaner-Pavagadh highlights important historical and religious features of this World Heritage.

What Equipment I Use:

Camera – Primary * Nikon Coolpix P950
Camera – Action * GoPro Hero 9
Camera – Secondary * iPhone 11 Pro
Gimbal * Sirui, Swift M1
Tripod * DigiTek Platinum, DV Tripod DPTR 880 Pro
Microphone – Primary * Boya WM4 Pro-K2 Dual Channel
Microphone – Secondary * Boya Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser BY-M1
Laptop * Apple 13-inch MacBook Air M1 2021
Video Editor * iMovie

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