Ep 108: Coins of Portuguese India: 1871 to 1961


Ep 108: Coins of Portuguese India: 1871 to 1961

Mr. Craig Fernandes, the well-known numismatist, highlights about machine-struck coins of Portuguese India. These coins were issued in Goa and other territories of the Portuguese from 1871 to 1961.

This episode is in English.

This is 4th Part of the Webinar on the Book Release Function of “Indian Coinage ; British India -Portuguese India Republic India (1835-2021)”, by Mr. Sainath Reddappa. Other episodes in this Webinar Series will be uploaded soon.

Other dignitaries participated in the Webinar were, Dr. Dilip Rajgor, Mr. Sainath Reddappa, Mr. Venkat Narsimhan, Mr. Ravi Shankar Sharma and Mr. Raj Gyanee.

The Webinar was organised on 25th July 2021 by Falcon Coins Gallery. It was coordinated by Mr. Hardik Kirti Parekh.

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