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Do you have a problem with tonsillitis? Easy treatment in homeopathy | டான்சில்| Tamil| Master Mano |
Tonsillitis treatment in homeopathy | Do you have a problem with tonsillitis? Easy treatment in homeopathy |உங்களுக்கு டான்சில் பிரச்னை இருக்கா? |
What are Tonsillitis?
Tonsils, as we are well aware, are part of our immune system and prevent several infections and allergies by producing antibodies. These tonsils are the lumps of tissues located way back of our throat. They trap the virus and bacteria coming through both mouth and nose and prevent them from entering our body. In this process, these tonsils also get affected and lead to a condition called tonsillitis. In tonsillitis, your tonsils become inflamed and sore. It is contagious and can spread from an infected person to others easily.
It is very common among children as they have low immunity and get easily affected in schools and other play areas. Even though it is common among children few elders also get affected with tonsillitis.

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YouTube Channel Name : “Master Mano” – Tamil
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