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Delicious unlimited combo dinner offer under Rs.49/-/
Master Mano/ Manasa
49 ரூபாயில அன்லிமிடெட் டிபன் Beat food in Saligramam
Fish fry rs 49/-
Chicken fry rs 49/-
Crab masala rs 49/-
Chicken combo offer rs 79/-
Nandu combo offer rs 79/=
Pattukottai tattukadai
Saligramam , Arunachalam road, Near Surya hospital
Chennai Pattukottai Thattukadai food in Saligramam
Cheapest food in Saligramam,Arunachalam road . chennai
Cheapest food outlet in Chennai Saligramam
combo food with affortable price
மலிவு விலையில் காம்போ உணவு
Best Budget Friendly Restaurant Near in Saligramam
Incredibly Cheap rate food
Easy budget friendly food in Saligramam Chennai Pattukottai thattukadai
Pattukottai thattukadai
non-veg combo dinner for rs 49/-
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