Buying Rare 50p Coins, £2 Coins and More at the Collector’s Fair!!

Buying Rare 50p Coins, £2 Coins And More At The Collector’s Fair!!

Today we are off to the coin stall at my local antique and collectable fair to try and buy some new coins for my collection

We are always on the look out for those rare 50p coins and we pick up a new one for our collection today, as well as a large sized territory £2 coin!

Some UK coins are on the cards as well as some lovely territory coins including an absolute bargain on a Tristan Da Cunha Coin!

We hit the jackpot with rare 50p coins this week, bagging a very rare territory fifty pence and a bargain on a BUNC pack!!

We even pick up some nice old silver from Australia and Fiji as well as come Doubles coins from the Channel Islands.

Come with me while I head to the collectors fair, show you the stall and all of the amazing old and new coins it has to offer. At the end we will have a look at my coin stall haul!

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