Books. Ancient India Coinage Books.
1.) S. R. Goyal – The Coinage of Ancient India.
2.) John Allen – Catalogue of the Indian Coins in the British Museum (Coins of Gupta and Sasanka king of Gaud).
3.) Dilip Rajgor – Punch-marked Coins of Early Historic India.
4.) P. Anne Van’t Haaff – Saurashtra, Surusena – Silver Punchmarked Coinage
5.) P. L. Gupta & T. R. Hardaker – Silver Punchmarked Coinage of the Indian Subcontinent.
6.) Percy Gardner – A History of Ancient Coinage.
7.) Prashant Srivastava – Art-Motifs on Ancient Indian Coins.
8.) Rekha Jain – Ancient India Coinage.
9.) Sambhu Nath Mondal – Ancient Indian Coins Decoding of their Indus Brahmi Inscriptions with Special Emp2.
10.) Savita Sharma – Imperial Punchmarked Coins of Ancient India.
11.) Shailendra Kumar Singh – Ancient Indian Coin and Their Technology.
12.) Shankar Goyal – Ancient Indian Numismatics.
13.) Shinji Hirano – The Ghanara-Gandak River Region – 600 – 300 B.C – Archaic Silver Punch Marked Coinage.
14.) Swami Satya Prakash Sarasvati – Coinage in Ancient India. A Numismatic, Archaeochemical and Metallurgical Study of Ancient Indian Coins.
15.) Swati Chakraborty – Ancient Indian Coins.
16.) Terry Hardaker – The Mashaka Fractional Coinage of Ancient India.
17.) The Dynastic Coins of Ancient India.
18.) The Mahasthan Hoard II of Silver Punch-Marked Coins.
19.) Wilfried Pieper – Ancient Indian Coins Revisited.
20.) Dilip Rajgpr – Punch Marked Coins.

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