Arab Couple Ceramic Salt & Pepper Containers, Vintage Collectibles


Arab Couple Ceramic Salt & Pepper Containers, Vintage Collectibles

These salt & pepper containers are made in ceramic. They are shown as an arab couple, from which the man is for meant for pepper and the lady is for salt.
The containers can be filled with their respective contents from the bottom, which has a plastic seal to hold the contents in place.
The Arab man has 3 holes in the head for sprinkling pepper, while the Arab lady has only one hole, to limit the amount of salt that can be sprinkled from the container.
These are a beautiful set of salt and pepper containers from my collection.
please enjoy watching the video.

How and what to collect In ceramics.
A collection does not need a lot of money to start initially. Anyone can start collecting ceramic items.
They come in so many different forms and sizes ,it all depends what type you would like to add to form a collection. Collectors can start collecting them according to periods like ceramics that are more than 100 years old that come under the antique ceramic collectibles.They can also collect ceramics from a particular country or region.
Some people collect kitchenware under which comes a lot of categories like plates, cups, gravyboats, salt and pepper containers and many other items.
Many collectors collect ceramic decorative pieces, and still others collect statues which can fall under both the categories of antique and vintage.

Many collectors collect ceramic items, in general or specifically collect Old jars, Ceramic plates, and many other types other decorative items .I have been collecting ceramic items that i feel a connection with. I buy any ceramic collectible that i usually like looking at and am happy to be looking at it all day long or even after a few years. The things that don’t bore you.
Collecting and taking care of your collectibles is very important, they should be kept in such a place where they are not at a risk of falling down and breaking .Care should be taken when placing them on racks. I have a special place in my cupboards just for the ceramic collectibles.
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