One rupee 1840 coin victoria queen value and price. 1839 One Rupee old East India Company coin sold in a auction for £132,000 which is 1 Crore 25 Lakh Rupees of India.

Queen victoria 1840 one rupee coin price. One rupee coin can make you crorepati.

The jewel in the crown of the David Fore collection was lot 796, which sold through this auction. The exquisite 1839 silver pattern Rupee was the first Indian Rupee with a Fore Collection portrait made by an Indian engraver and was crafted at the Bombay Mint. Very little is known about the coin, with Pridmore only able to add that it was submitted to the Supreme Government in 1839, but rejected. The only additional information that can be derived from his writings on the History of the East India Company is that the engraver at the Bombay mint in 1838 was Jewram Shamji. An early 20th century catalogue of the coins in the Calcutta mint states that two of these patterns reside there, but it is unknown if they are still in-situ at the museum. This wonderful piece was the first silver British Indian coin to sell for a six figure sum and it made £132,000 against an estimate of £60,000.

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