₹27,500 में बिका Half Anna Coin! | 2 Rupees Coin Value Rare Error | 5 Rs Coin Crop Science #CGQA 61

₹27,500 में बिका Half Anna Coin! | 2 Rupees Coin Value Rare Error | 5 Rs Coin Crop Science #cgqa 61

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This is Chillar Gyan’s 61st Question and Answer Series on Indian Coins – #CGQA 61.

We received variety of questions from you all on British India Coins, Commemorative Coins of India and Republic India Coins Definitive Coins. Based on our research we have tried to provide satisfactory answers to your questions. So, do check the complete video #CGQA 61.

So, in this 61st QnA video of Chillar Gyan- #CGQA 61, we will be discussing on the following Questions by the viewers:

#CGQA 61 Questions Discussed
1. 5 Rs Coin Crop Science, First Strike and Second Strike, Identification Details.
2. British India Coins Collection, Original or Fake?
3. 2 Rupees Coin Mudra Issue 2007, Hyderabad Mint, Error Details and Value.
4. 5 Rs Coin, Waves Theme, Fake or Original?
5. 5 Rs Coin 2017, Kolkata Mint, Mule or Not, Details and Value.
6. 10 Rs Coin 2015, 3rd India Africa Forum Summit, Details and Value.
7. Half Anna 1845, Calcutta Mint, East India Company Coins, Details and Value.
8. One Quarter Anna 1909, Edward 7 Coin, Details and Value.
9. 5 Rs Coin 2014, 175th Anniversary of Jamsetji Tata, Noida Mint Packet Details and Value.
10. 5 Rs Coin 2015, Bombay Mint, OMS or Regular coin.

So, if you too want your queries to be taken up in Chillar Gyan’s upcoming QnA videos in January 2022, Please Check the Rules Below:

#CGQA Rules
1. #CGQA Full Form – Chillar Gyan Question & Answers OR Query & Analysis!
2. Format of Posting Queries in Comments Section – #CGQA –Your Query–
3. Number of Queries/Person – Only 1 Query Per Person for Every Next Upcoming QnA Video!
4. Query Format:
Questions should be Well Defined and Clear.
You can send Images of Coins @ indiancoins@chillargyan.com .
5. Format of Mail:
Subject: #CGQA,
Body: Clearly Mentioned Query,
Attachments: Very Clear Image of Coin (Both Sides)
6. Scope of Queries – British India and Republic India Coins.
7. Frequency of #CGQA – Maximum 3 Times a Month!

Chillar Gyan’s Email Id – indiancoins@chillargyan.com

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