Coin Museum with Extremely Rare Coins and Banknotes. This is a series of videos on MR. Narendra Tole’s Extremely Rare Collection of Coins and Banknotes. This is Part-II of Sh. Narendra Tole’s Coin Museum.

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In the last video of Chillar Gyan, Mr. Narendra Tole’s Coin Museum Part-I we gave a detailed tour of this fantastic Coin Museum. Toleji, a very senior coin collector and Limca Book Record Holder in coin collection has not just coins in his collection but variety of Indian Currency Notes, Fancy Number Notes and many other antique items. All of these could not be covered in the Part-I, so here we have come up with a new video for you all which is ‘Mr. Narendra Tole’s Coin Museum Part-II’

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Mr. Narendra Tole has a Collection of more than 65,000 Currency Notes and 25,500 Coins from over 220 Countries. This is only Museum of its kind in Pune. This video of Chillar Gyan gives you all a detailed tour of his entire Museum. However, in this video we have majorly covered the Old Indian Currency Notes and some antique items which are part of his collection which includes below things:

1. Indian Notes: Fancy Number Banknotes, Misprint or Error Banknotes, Indian 10000 Rupee Note, Indian 5000 Rupee Note, Old 1000 Rupee Note, Complete Set of 1 Rupee Note
2. Tole ji’s Certificates: Birthday Wishes from Sh. Narendra Modi, Photographs with Late Sh. Manohar Parrikar, President of International Collectors Society of Rare Items, Pune.
3. Antique Items: Smallest Quran in the World

The video has been beautifully created with tour of museum and explanation of the banknotes by Mr. Narendra Tole himself, which shows a great passion of this Senior Coin Collector towards his Coin Collection at an age of 72 years.

We sincerely Thank Mr. Narendra Tole for blessing us with his guidance and allowing us to capture his priceless assets of Coin Collection.

We will soon be out with our next video. Do subscribe to our Channel Chillar Gyan. Thanks for your support and being a wonderful audience.

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