Rare 100 Rs Coin of Maharana Pratap. Proof Sets and UNC sets Exclusive look of Maharana Pratap Coins with Complete details. Check out the Video!

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Viewers Chillar Gyan’s this video is in continuation to our last video which was on Circulated Maharana Pratap Coins of Republic India. In that video, we discussed in detail Maharana Pratap 1 Rs Coin of 2003 and Maharana Pratap 10 Rs Coin of 2016. If you haven’t checked the video yet , here is the link –

This video is specially on the higher denomination Commemorative coins of Maharana Pratap. In the year 2016, Proof Set Coins and UNC Set coins were issued on 475th Birth Anniversary of Maharana Pratap. So in this video, Chillar Gyan has specially shown you these Proof coins and UNC coins physically from our collection. You get to see 100 Rs Coin, Proof Coin as well as 100 Rs Coin, UNC Coin of Maharana Pratap with all the details discussed. These sets also have Proof 10 Rs coins and UNC 10 coins along with 100 Rs. coins.

Not only this, important historical Maharana Pratap information have been beautifully provided in brief to give a glimpse of Indian history. So check out the complete video to know about Maharana Pratap and Maharana Pratap Coins.

Maharana Pratap Circulating Coins, Last Video : https://youtu.be/4YUMv-rWK04
Mumbai Mint Official Website: https://igmmumbai.spmcil.com

We will soon be out with our next video. Do subscribe to our Channel Chillar Gyan. Thanks for your support and being a wonderful audience.

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