कौनसा Rare Nehru 1 Rs Coin Value? | 2 Annas 1934 Rare | Dosti Coin Mewar State | #CGQA 35


कौनसा Rare Nehru 1 Rs Coin Value? | 2 Annas 1934 Rare | Dosti Coin Mewar State | #CGQA 35


This is Chillar Gyan’s 35th Question and Answer Series on Indian Coins – #CGQA 35.

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We received variety of questions from you all on British India Coins, Commemorative Coins of India and Republic India Coins Definitive Coins. Based on our research we have tried to provide satisfactory answers to your questions. So, do check the complete video #CGQA 35.

So, in this 35th QnA video of Chillar Gyan- #CGQA 35, we will be discussing on the following Questions by the viewers:

#CGQA 35 Questions Discussed

1. Mule Coins and OMS Coins Difference Explained.
2. 2Rs Coin 1993, Small family Happy Family, 1 Rs Coin Nehru Rarest Coin, Details and Value.
3. SPMCIL Counter Sale from Mumbai Mint Explained.
4. One Quarter Anna 1928, King George V Emperor Coins, Details and Value.
5. 2 Annas 1933 1934, George V King Emperor Coin, Details and Value.
6. 5 Rs Coin 2006, Jagat Guru Shree Narayan GuruDev, Details and Value.
7. 20 Rs Coin 2020, Mint Details.
8. 1 Rs Coin 2003, Calcutta Mint, Details and Value.
9. 2 Rs Coin 2002 Hyderabad, Heavy Weight Coin, Discussed.
10. Quarter Rupee 1943, George 6 King Emperor Coin, Details and Value.
11. 1 Anna, Mewar Princely State Coin, Details and Value.

So, if you too want your queries to be taken up in Chillar Gyan’s next QnA video #CGQA 36, Please Check the Rules Below:

#CGQA Rules
1. #CGQA Full Form – Chillar Gyan Question & Answers OR Query & Analysis!
2. Format of Posting Queries in Comments Section – #CGQA –Your Query–
3. Number of Queries/Person – Only 1 Query Per Person for Every Next Upcoming QnA Video!
4. Query Format:
Questions should be Well Defined and Clear.
You can send Images of Coins @ indiancoins@chillargyan.com .
5. Format of Mail:
Subject: #CGQA,
Body: Clearly Mentioned Query,
Attachments: Very Clear Image of Coin (Both Sides)
6. Scope of Queries – British India and Republic India Coins.
7. Frequency of #CGQA – Maximum 3 Times a Month!

Chillar Gyans Email Id – indiancoins@chillargyan.com

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