ऐसे मूर्ख लोगों से सावधान | कॉइन डीलर्स का ढोंग #Thecurrencypedia


ऐसे मूर्ख लोगों से सावधान | कॉइन डीलर्स का ढोंग #Thecurrencypedia

Hello Everyone, in this video we are going to share with our The Currencypedia family how some of the coin dealers and numismatics are spreading rumors about Raj Gyanee and The Currencypedia and trying to ruin our image.
We are so grateful for the trust, love, and support we have got from you all. We have never and will never even in our nightmare break our subscriber’s trust.
We have been quiet about this issue and it’s been going around for a very long, I request you all to watch this video and decide who do you think is correct here. and If you feel we are right, pls help us by sharing this video as much as you can.
Forever grateful and thankful for your love and support – Raj Gyanee 🙏🏻

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Thank you for watching 🙂

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