SBI Max Gain Home Loans in Details


SBI Max Gain Home Loans in Details

Under ‘SBI – Maxgain’ Home Loans will be sanctioned as an Overdraft. While customers will have to remit the Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) as in the case of usual Home Loans, the Drawing Power on the Overdraft will be reduced on monthly basis to the extent of the principal component of the EMI so that the Overdraft is liquidated at the end of the loan tenure. (Interest component of the EMI remitted will service the interest obligations).

Topics cover are :
00:00 Introduction of SBI Max Gain Loan
00:15 purpose of max gain home loan
00:39 Eligibility of Home Loan
01:25 Facilities provided with sbi max gain loan
01:43 benefits of max gain loan against home loan term loan
02:15 conversion of existing home loan into max gain home loan
02:43 interest rates of sbi max gain home loan
03:28 repayment period
03:43 moratorium period
04:05 processing fees of sbi max gain loan
04:38 maximum loan amount calculation
06:01 documents required for max gain loan
06:19 how to apply for sbi home loan
07:38 pre closure penalty

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