Old Coin Price Uncategorized SBI Green Remit Card GRC in Details

SBI Green Remit Card GRC in Details


Sbi Green Remit Card Grc In Details

Features of SBI Green Remit Card are :
1. SBI Green Remit Card is a simple Magstripe based card without PIN.
2. Can be used for Home Branch deposit and Non-home Branch Deposit.
3. Card is accepted at all Green Channel Counter Branches and Cash Deposit Machines.
4. Deposit can be made by way of cash only.
5. Transaction limit is Rs.25,000/- per transaction subject to a monthly cap of Rs.1,00,000/-
6. Branch will issue pre-printed SBI Green Remit Card instantaneously to the remitter

Topics cover are :
00:00 What is SBI Green Remit Card
00:19 Feature of GRC Card
00:44 Transaction limits per day and per months
01:02 GRC issuance form and fees
01:13 Documents required for GRC card
01:23 SBI Branch GCC Machine

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