A complete review of Jawzrsize.

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The biggest, most well-known brand in the jawline equipment space, is Jawzrsize.

There’s been other jaw training gadgets around for decades in the small corners of the internet, or in very niche physical stores. But Jawzrsize was the first to break out into the mainstream in 2016 with aggressive facebook advertising campaigns, and by appearing on Ellen, The Doctors, and Fox News Radio.

It was popular in the USA, and it still kind of is. But every year something “revolutionary” pops up in the fitness industry claiming that it will change your life- the Shake Weight comes to mind.

People are always looking for an easy way to look better and I think Jawzrsize being the first product on the mass-market meant it rode a wave of enthusiasm.

Jawzrsize is an Incisor Based Jaw Trainer, which many medical professional believe are harmful to the jaw joint and teeth. Now there’s multiple jawline products and brands on the market that are Molar Based Jaw Trainers.

We’ll get into the details of that later. But there appears to be safer and more effective jawline exercisers available for at similar prices. Let’s begin my complete jawzrsize review πŸ‘‡

What is Jawzrsize?
Jawzrsize is an exercise device designed to workout to your jaw. Essentially, it’s a hollow, ball-shaped piece of rubber. It’s got 2 silicon moulds (one the top and bottom) that are formed to the shape of your own bite. It makes it more comfortable to use.

The idea is to provide much more resistance than food or chewing gum, to workout the muscles of the face, neck and jawline. The main muscle it aims to target is the masseter of the jaw- hence why it’s called JAWzrsize.

The masseter is the strongest muscle in the body and won’t grow without “adding weight to the bar” or increasing the intensity.

I totally believe in the theory that Jawzrsize is based on– that you can build the muscles in your face just like you can build your bicep, chest or quads. Whether Jawzrsize is an effective (and safe!) way to do that… is something we’ll talk about down below.

But I have seen first hand that facial exercisers definitely can tone, tighten the face and increase the size of the jaw muscles. Which is something the general public still hasn’t accepted.

The Background Story of Jawzrsize
Jawzrsize was created in 2016 by a guy in Hawaiian called Brandon Harris. I’m not sure why it’s important to know that he lives in Hawaii, but it says “Aloha!” and “I’m from Hawaii!” over their ads and website. Anyway, if it’s true, the founding of Jawzrsize is a cool story.

In 2014, Brandon was in a motorcycle crash that landed him in a coma for 13 days. A little while earlier, his jaw was wired shut after it had been broken in 5 places, and he’d even lost part of his ear from bar fight after an MMA event in his hometown Fairbanks, Alaska. Apparently he was whacked in the face with a chair 😳.

His face and jaw started to atrophy after having to drink all of his food through a straw for months. That’s common with jaw injuries. You can’t chew or even move your jaw for months, so all your face and jaw muscles shrink and fade away. It can really change how you look- for the worse most often.

When Brandon was doing rehabilitation for his body, he was frustrated that there wasn’t anything that he could do about his face. Which was actually the part that was most effected from his injuries and needed the most work.

I also used to think about this a lot in my Bodybuilding days: there’s exercises for every obscure part of your bum and biceps, but not for your face and jawline??

So he starts looking for ways to strengthen his face. One day he’s sitting there watching his brother’s Pitbull chew his rubber kong toy. He sees the dog’s masseter muscles and entire neck flexing and thinks to himself “I want something just like that.” That’s where the idea for Jawzrsize was born.

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