Your jawline muscles… are muscles. They can be grown!

I walk you through the 3 best chewing gums for your jawline and how to chew them so you see quick (and symmetrical) results.

Jawliner Exercise Tools:

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YOU KNOW there’s exercises you can do to chisel your jawline. You’re not still stuck at “your jawline is purely genetics blah blah”. You’ve probably even been targeted with some Facebook Ads for “rubber-ball-dog-toy” jawline exercisers. But you doubt those actually work.

Imo, they don’t work great. To get a sharp and defined jawline, you need to workout and build muscle in a specific place on your jaw. Those jawline chew toys don’t hit the right spot. From my experience, they make your face rounder- which is not the look I’m going for.

What About Chewing Gum for Your Jawline?
If you came here thinking chewing gum could improve your jawline… you were right! It’s an old method (the old ones are usually the best) that boxers, bodybuilders and Hollywood actors have been using for decades.

Loooong before that, our ancestors were chewing types of gum that helped give them strong facial structures. We’ll get to that in a minute.

So, you’re looking for the best chewing gum for your jawline. Perfect! I’ll tell you the 3 types of chewing gum you can use. And I’ll tell you when you should use them. Some of these gums are like heavy deadlifts for your jaw- they are really taxing on your masseter muscles.

1. STEEL – Mastic Gum
mastic chewing gum

Mastic gum is undoubtedly the best chewing gum if you want to chisel your jawline. Mastic gum crystal are drops of resin from the mastic tree native to Greece and the Middle East- mainly from a Greek island called Chios.

Mastic has even been labelled as a superfood because of its numerous health properties. But in the last 5 years its popularity has skyrocketed for a reason no Greek farmer could have ever expected.

“Mastic gum chisels your jawline.”
People are catching on to an old BodyBuilder method for building muscle in their jawlines- chewing mastic gum! Because it’s 10x harder than regular gum it’s like taking your jaw to the gym for the first time.

Apparently this is relatively well-known in Hollywood and the BodyBuilding space. Now it’s making its way into the mainstream.

More on that later. First you’ve got to understand where it comes from to know why it’s so special:

What is Mastic Gum? (It’s 100% Natural)
The people of Chios have cultivated and harvested mastic or “Mastiha” for over 2500 years. The hot and humid climate is ideal for the 6-month, laborious process.

Every 4-5 days, several cuts are made in the trees to slowly drain the resin. It takes roughly 15-20 days for the crystal to solidify and fall off.

Because of the way it falls from the tree and it’s shape, these small pieces of resin are called “Tears of Chios”. The farmers then collect these small teardrops and wash them in natural spring water.

It has a refreshing cedar flavour.

Why Was Mastic Gum More Valuable Than Gold?
Mastic’s earliest identified use was as chewing gum- but it was later used for healing purposes and even as a currency.

Mastic producing villages were fortresses, bordered by huge walls. The only way to enter these villages was by ladder, designed to shield the resin from invaders.

I’m not exaggerating when I say: wars were fought over mastic gum.

During the Ottoman rule of Chios in the 1800s, mastic was worth its weight in Gold. In todays gold prices that means 1 piece would cost $59.14

Luckily for us, it doesn’t cost that much anymore. But with its growing popularity, maybe someday it might. Let’s talk about why it’s selling out around the world:

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