Ep 143: Longest Railways U-Turns | Q&A | आपके सवाल = हमारे जवाब No. 4


Ep 143: Longest Railways U-Turns | Q&A | आपके सवाल = हमारे जवाब No. 4

Here are top U-turns of Railways in India. These 2 turns are located between Rajkot and Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Enjoy the Horseshoe turns of Indian Railways and trains changing their directions.

Train: 09218 Veraval to Bandra Terminus Special
Date: 6th August 2021
Location: Wankaner and Viramgam, Gujarat.

Second part of the Episode deals with Question raised by viewers in Comments. We have given Answers to most of the important questions asked by you.

Watch the full video to know all the details.

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